Almost becoming as popular as COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Fauci has placed himself at the forefront of the pandemic as he continues to spread information on how America and the world can fight this deadly virus.

The only problem – it seems like every few months, the good doctor spins a new narrative that completely contradicts what he had previously said.

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Still, acting as if his word is law, Dr. Fauci continues to give advice on COVID-19 and the supposed risk of not giving in to the Biden administration’s outrageous demands. And in his latest attempt at grabbing the spotlight, the doctor strangely suggested that those who criticize him are essentially “killing people”. 

That’s right, Dr. Fauci, who knew about the coronavirus well before anybody due to his Wuhan lab relations, is now suggesting to oppose him means to kill people. For those wondering, the top opponents of Dr. Fauci right now are Tucker Carlson, who calls Fauci the “Saint of Wuhan” and former advisor to Trump, Peter Navarro. Navarro called for Fauci to be jailed for his crimes related to the Wuhan lab. 

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While a free man, Dr. Fauci appeared to fire back at them when he spoke on MSNBC. The doctor said, “Well Ari, I’m not in it for a popularity contest. I’ve devoted my entire professional career of 50 years to try and essentially safeguard and preserve the health and lives of the American people and as an infectious disease doctor who deals with outbreak, that gets really extended to the rest of the world. That’s what I do. The praise or the arrows and slings are really irrelevant. I do what science drives you to do, and that’s what I do. And you know, I’m not in it for a popularity contest. I’m trying to save lives. And the people who weaponize lies are killing people. So the only question I have is that when you show Tucker Carlson and Peter Navarro criticizing me, I consider that a badge of honor.”

Fauci added, “I just wanted to make that statement. People throw up those people that make ridiculous statements. They’re telling people to do things that they’re going to die from and telling me I should go to jail. As they say in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn, give me a break, will ya.”

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