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Dr. Peter McCullough: Booster Shot So Much Worse Than First 2 Doses [VIDEO]

Dr. Peter McCullough has been at the forefront of the battle for the truth surrounding COVID-19, Big Pharma’s jabs, and the government’s responses to the so-called pandemic since the beginning.

In the video below, he recalls an entertaining story of his flight from Florida to Texas where he encountered a couple, one of which had just recently taken one of the COVID booster jabs.

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“I flew here this morning from Florida. And I sat next to a couple. And they were looking at my slides as I was working on them/ You know, people kind of look on the airplane. And they said, they said, Well, are you a COVID? Expert? I thought, well, yeah, sort of. And then the woman was sitting in the middle, she was thinner, you know, how do you know southwest when you kind of negotiating? So she said in the middle, and the husband was inside, and he was kind of in a fetal position. He didn’t look too good. And she said, well, my husband just took the booster. And I said, oh. So I had a chance to talk to him when he kind of was in semi-conscious, you know, he kind of came up and I said, Well, what does it feel like? I said, is it you know, is it about the same as shot one and shot two? He goes, it’s so much worse. And I said, Well, what do you mean? He goes, Well, you know, I’ve got fever, I feel terrible. I got body aches, and he goes, and the ringing in my ears is incessant, a headache. And the wife is like why? And I said, well, it must be that it makes sense wherever the local production of the spike protein is. Those are the organs that are being damaged. We know that there are great concerns regarding the spike protein and where it goes in the body.” – Dr. Peter McCullough

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The short clip above was taken from a longer speech given by Dr. Peter McCullough at the Texas COVID-19 Summit. You can see the full speech below.