It’s clear to many that the ‘side effects’ to these so-called vaccines are a much greater risk than the so-called experts would have you believe.

If you seek out the information for yourselves instead of just listening to the politicians and talking heads on television, there are all different kinds of stories from people of all different walks of life who have been adversely affected by the side effects of these shots.


In this video we found, Dr. Peter McCullough talks a bit about how myocarditis from the jabs is different than naturally occurring myocarditis.



Dr. Peter McCullough: Now, the myocarditis that occurs with a natural infection is usually those sick enough to be in the ICU, and it’s a troponin elevation only. It is very different than the myocarditis that we’re seeing with the vaccines, which we’ll get to. The myocarditis in COVID-19 is mild, it’s inconsequential, and it’s largely a troponin elevation. I don’t want anybody to think that the myocarditis of the natural infection is anything like what we’re seeing with the vaccines.

Interviewer: Exactly. The vaccine produces the inflammatory type process is on the heart.

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Dr. Peter McCullough: And the vaccine is directly there. Now there’s preclinical studies suggesting the lipid nanoparticles actually go right into the heart. The heart expresses the spike protein. The body attacks the heart. There are dramatic EKG changes. The troponin, the blood test for heart injury with the vaccine myocarditis, is 10 to 100 fold higher than the troponin we see with the natural infection. It’s a totally different syndrome. About what when the kids get myocarditis after the vaccine, 90% have to be hospitalized. They have dramatic EKG changes, chest pain, early heart failure. They need echocardiograms. If the ejection fraction is low, they need medications to prevent heart failure. So vaccine-induced myocarditis is a big deal. And in children, it’s way more serious and more prominent than post-COVID myocarditis.