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The press lied repeatedly about what was in the Maricopa County audit. They claimed that it showed Joe Biden won fair and square when it showed just the opposite. In fact, the audit found more than 57,000 problematic ballots in a state that Joe Biden “won” by just eleven thousand votes. And that’s just Maricopa County; forty percent of votes came from the rest of the state too. Pima County is far more liberal than Maricopa is, and a million people live there. You think they didn’t have any ballot issues?

And it all could be even worse than what the audit found. The Maricopa audit discovered that election officials deleted massive amounts of data they were required to save under state law.

But look beyond Arizona. In Racine County, Wisconsin, the local sheriff just uncovered fraudulent voting at a local nursing home. Patients whose dementia was so bad they couldn’t recognize family members and didn’t know what day it was were still casting presidential votes. There are millions of Americans in care homes around the country. You think that was the only one where there was fraud? Of course not. And we know that in other ways. Last week, on this program, we revealed data gathered by a group called “Patriots for Delaware”, which looked at the voting patterns in that state. They found several nursing homes in the state where the number of votes cast was two or even three times the number of actual beds in the nursing home. They also found hundreds of cases where dead people voted, or people voted despite leaving the state.

And this is all the shady behavior we can easily track. Mollie Hemingway from The Federalist has a new book out, “Rigged”, and in her book, she talks about how in a lot of states, things are so screwed up you can’t even catch fraud. In Pennsylvania things are such a mess it’s almost impossible. That’s the state, by the way, where a court allowed officials to count votes that came in after election day, with no signature. It’s the state where the Secretary of State, a Democrat, openly bragged that it would be impossible for the GOP to win the state.

And then, of course, there are the voting machines. In Arizona, the audit revealed that the state’s voting machines were connected to the Internet when they weren’t supposed to bed, that ballots were run through machines multiple times, and that almost every person had an administrator password that gave them access to voting machine data.

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Last year’s election was more fraudulent than Vernon Jones claiming to be a Conservative, and we all know THAT’S a fraud. But most Republican elites secretly wanted Donald Trump to lose. They wanted to return to the old pre-2015 political order, even if they had to go back into the minority to do it. So they refused to investigate, refused to conduct audits, and tried to move on as quickly as possible instead.

But if the Republican Party won’t step up, then the burden falls on each one of us to step up instead. And nobody has stepped up more than Mike Lindell. If you’ve ever turned on Fox News, you know who he is: The born-again Christian, inventor, and CEO of MyPillow who may have singlehandedly kept Tucker Carlson’s show on the air in 2020.

Fox wasn’t grateful for any of that, though. Last July, they refused to let Lindell run ads for his election fraud cyber symposium. Of course, Fox is just joining a whole alliance of corporate America that is colluding to destroy Lindell. Kohls, Sam’s Club, and Bed Bath & Beyond stopped carrying his products.

No business leader has committed himself more completely to promoting America First ideals and trying to expose election fraud than Lindell has. He held his major cyber symposium in August to try and publicize the evidence he has of fraud using voting machines. He’s launched his own social media platform, Frank Speech. He’s even sold off major personal assets to fund his legal battle with Dominion Voting Systems.

Mike Lindell says he has plans to take his 2020 election fraud case all the way to the Supreme Court and force the justices to review his challenge to Joe Biden’s entire tenure in office, and Lindell joined the show to discuss.

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