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Yesterday on the Stew Peters Show we sat down with President Trump’s former chief of staff, Mark Meadows. The original interview was booked for 10 minutes, but ultimately we ended up talking for about 40 minutes. I asked Meadows about the 2020 election, which President Trump has made abundantly clear is his top priority, and it’s the position of any sane American that unless we fix 2020, we’ll never have a free and fair election in this country, again. Meadows didn’t seem nearly as passionate as we are about an effort to audit all 50 states, or to hold Kevin McCarthy and Ronna Romney accountable for funding those efforts. The fraud is blatant, and laws were broken. A coup took place in America, and a communist regime was installed against the will of the American People. I asked Mark the big question:

This is why Republicans consistently lose. These radical progressive communist Democrats are willing to do anything. It doesn’t matter if they have to cheat, steal, break the law or make people dead, they’ll do it. All of it. Meanwhile, the answer we get on this show when we ask about standing for liberty, freedom, and the most basic of fundamental rights, the right to vote and make sure it counts – Upholding a presidential election – we get “I think Congress lacks the intestinal fortitude”.

If you had any doubt that we’re being governed by a uniparty made up of globalist elites, that answer should clear it up for you. “I don’t think Republicans in Congress have the intestinal fortitude”.

The rest of the conversation was geared toward the chimerically-engineered, Tony Fauci-concocted, taxpayer-funded, intentionally-released China virus, the bioweapon, Trump endorsements, and Meadows’ ties to Chinese communists. Take a look.

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