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Fauci And NAID Funding ‘Maximum Pain’ Experiments On Monkeys On South Carolina Island

Chilling new reports allege that Dr. Anthony Fauci and the National Institutes Of Health are using an island located off the coast of South Carolina to breed monkeys to be used in horrifying “maximum pain” animal experimentation.

Photos and documents that were obtained by the White Coat Waste Project and given to Timcast [1] reveal the disturbing extend of the cruelty that is being inflicted on these animals with your tax dollars.

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“Our new investigation has found that Fauci’s revolting record on taxpayer-funded animal testing is even bigger than #Beaglegate. He’s also wasting millions of tax dollars to subsidize a secretive island where primates are bred for his labs that inflict punishing pain on monkeys and ghoulishly withhold pain relief,” said Devin Murphy, Public Policy and Communications Manager at White Coat Waste Project. “Fauci is addicted to spending, and taxpayers don’t want to foot the bill for his government monkey business.”

Around 600 monkeys [3] are taken from Morgan Island each year and shipped to some of the federal government’s most painful and cruel laboratories [4] that are used for research on animals. Documents show that as of June of 2019, 3,044 primates were living on Morgan Island, with 77% of the population being females. Each year, it is estimated that 750 monkeys are born on the island, with many of them growing up to be used for these sick experiments.

Charles River Laboratories has managed the island for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 2007, and federal spending databases [5] state that $13.5 million of a potential $27.5 million contract has been given to Charles River Laboratories to maintain the monkey island colony since March of 2018. Dr. Fauci’s division (NIAID) of the NIH paid $8.9 million of these funds, and the monkeys themselves are owned [6] by NIAID.

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Documents show that Charles River is tasked with “the year-round daily maintenance of a non-human primate (NHP) breeding colony. […] It is anticipated that the number of animals provided by the Government should produce a minimum of 500 animals per year for the Government’s use.”

One NIAID paper [8] from 2018 details the development of the deadly Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHFV) in monkeys. Fifteen rhesus and African green monkeys were used for this pilot study by the agency, and researchers used a dozen macaque monkeys in the main study, which saw them be injected with the painful virus. By the seventh day of the test, the monkeys had been killed.

NIAID has attempted to distance itself from the horrific tests with stealth editing [9] their funding from researchers’ papers. However, as of now, the paper plainly states: “We thank the staff of the Rocky Mountain Veterinary Branch, Division of Intramural Research (DIR), National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), National Institutes of Health (NIH) for assistance with animal care and clinical and pathological veterinary services, and Atsushi Okumura for veterinary expertise throughout the study. We would also like to thank the members of the Visual and Medical Arts (DIR, NIAID, NIH) for aid in figure development. This work was funded by the Intramural Research Programme of the NIAID, NIH.

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Many other extensive maximum pain (USDA Pain Column E) experiments on primates from FY13-20 have been funded by Fauci and his agency as well. These experiments involve injecting the monkeys with things like Ebola and other hemorrhagic viruses, Tuberculosis, or inducing sepsis, and more recently, modeling SARS-Co-2 on different primate species.

“Ebola Virus infection may result in uniform lethality. Filoviruses cause a viral hemorrhagic disease that rapidly progresses from the onset and includes high fever, anorexia, and recumbency, development of petechial and/or macular rash, coagulopathy, and multi-organ failure. The animals will likely experience some discomfort because of the virus. Additional discomfort may result from the animals’ immune response to the infection,” explained one document [11].

Another stated [11] that “animals infected with Ebola virus will experience pain and distress and the infection is expected to be lethal in non-protected animals.”

“Infection with the Lassa virus (Josiah) is 100% lethal in Cynomolgus macaques within approximately 14 days post-challenge. Signs of illness can include fever, rash, diarrhea, bleeding, and malaise prior to internal hemorrhage and multi-organ failure leading to death. The animals in some of the vaccinated groups may, and the control animals will, experience symptoms of Lassa virus infection,” researchers reported in another document. [11]

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Michael Robison, the founder of Small Primate Animal Rescue TN [13], reacted to the tests by saying that “once again, the powers that be are exploiting these animals for their own gain. In the end, these tests are ineffective. They are not curing or alleviating any sickness. They’re just collecting data — and data points equal dollars.”

This is the side of Fauci that both he and the media do not want you to see.