CALIFORNIA – We at Red Voice Media previously reported on the bizarre absence of California Governor Gavin Newsom since publicly receiving his October 27th COVID vaccine booster shot.

While representatives of the governor claim his absence is due to family matters, Vaccine Safety Research Foundation Executive Director Steve Kirsch says that sources are pointing to an adverse reaction to Governor Newsom’s booster shot – with the governor possibly suffering from either “vaccine-induced Bell’s Palsy or Guillain-Barre syndrome.”


As mentioned in our previous reporting, Governor Newsom has been absent from the public since obtaining a COVID booster shot on October 27th.

When questions started to crop up about Governor Newsom’s whereabouts, namely following his lack of even a virtual attendance at the United Nations climate summit in Scotland, the constant information provided from his representatives is that he’s tied up with something family-related.

A report from the Associated Press noted the aforementioned absence of Governor Newsom and that a spokesperson from his office claimed he’ll be able to virtually attend the climate summit in the coming week.


“A week after abruptly canceling plans to attend the United Nations climate summit in Scotland, California Gov. Gavin has receded from public view to deal with unspecific family obligations.

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When the surprising announcement was made Oct. 29, his office said Newsom planned to participate virtually in the conference this week. But he did not. Spokesperson Erin Mellon now says he will appear virtually next week.”

But Kirsch claimed in a November 8th report that Governor Newsom could be dealing with either Bell’s Palsy or Guillain-Barre syndrome as a result of his received COVID booster, highlighting how this adverse reaction “normally would happen within hours after getting his booster so this make[s] perfect sense.”

Kirsch noted in his reporting that he’s “over 90% sure that this is true,” considering that there have been claims online that Governor Newsom is experiencing “facial paralysis” and that when he sent an email “to a good friend of Newsom (who for sure knows his condition) about vaccine-induced Bell’s Palsy” said friend requested information “on effective treatments” for Bell’s Palsy.


And according to the CDC, there were reports of Bell’s Palsy occurring after vaccination during the conducted trials.

“Cases of Bell’s palsy (acute peripheral facial nerve palsy) were reported following vaccination of participants in the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials.”

Whether this is indeed the case with Governor Newsom remains to be seen, as officials are remaining rather tight-lipped about the California Governor’s whereabouts and active dealings outside of vaguely conveyed family issues.