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Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has announced he’s opening an investigation into the 2020 election results. Thanks a lot, Mark: If you’d announced this a year ago, when it really mattered, you might have had a real impact on the election’s final outcome. But instead, last year, Mark said everything was great. He went on Fox to say there was “no evidence” of fraud and no action was needed from his office.

The Arizona audit dropped more than a month ago, but Brnovich did nothing then either. Only now, at this moment, has he finally decided 2020 is worthy of his attention. On the one hand, better late than never, but on the other hand, what are the odds this is even real? What’s more likely is that Brnovich is just trying to placate President Trump so he doesn’t scuttle his Senate bid. Announce a big investigation, say he’s working really hard, but then do nothing and deliver nothing and forget all about it as soon as he has the Republican nomination in hand.

Talk big, deliver nothing. That might be the slogan of the Arizona GOP. Arizona Senate President Karen Fann just announced she’s retiring from politics. Karen, you’ll recall, was the woman who requested the audit of Maricopa County’s vote tally last November, but then promptly let that audit’s final outcome get watered down by letting Maricopa County walk all over her. The county said that its election materials were “too sensitive” to hand over, and instead of telling the county to take a hike, turn it all over, and prove that their elections were fair, Senator Fann capitulated. She cut a deal that kept the county from having to physically turn over its web routers and its logs. That’s one reason the Maricopa audit wasn’t nearly as definitive as it could have been.

Arizona state senator Wendy Rogers hasn’t given up on her fight to fix the 2020 election, though. She joined the show to discuss.

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