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Hypocrite Kamala Harris Backs Biden’s Travel Ban, Tells People To Get COVID Shot: “The Vaccines Are Safe.”

During an apparently impromptu meeting with reporters on Saturday, Vice President Kamala Harris said that the White House was doing what is “necessary” to combat the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus by imposing a travel ban from South African countries, and urged people to get their booster shots.

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This, despite scientists saying [2] there’s no information available yet on the mutations of the variants or the effectiveness of currently offered shots meant for Covid.

“One, if you’ve not had the booster shot, get the booster shot,” Harris said. “I cannot stress enough the importance of getting vaccinated for those who have not been vaccinated. I will say what I say every time because it remains true. They are safe, the vaccines are safe. They are free, and they will save your life.”

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The notions of safety of the so-called “vaccinations” have been challenged at every turn, from whistleblowers alleging [4] they’re not as safe as Big Pharma claims to others pointing to a lack of reporting [5] of adverse effects. Recently released records have shown that the number of officially reported adverse effects [6] (which would still only represent less than one percent of actual events) is even higher than reports have said in the past.

Meanwhile, as Harris says that the travel ban from South African countries is “necessary” to prevent the strand of virus from entering the United States, just a year-and-a-half ago, she said that President Trump’s travel ban on China [7] was “un-American” and “clearly driven by hate.”

“We’ll take it one step at a time,” Harris told reporters [7] Saturday, “but as of now, we’ve done what we believe is necessary.”

So either Harris is being hypocritical by supporting Biden’s ban now, or she knew then that Trump’s ban was not only nonxenophobic, but also the right decision and used it to push a false narrative against the then-president’s alleged racism.

Which person do you want to be, Kamala? A hypocrite or a liar?

Remember, the internet is forever.

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