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‘Just Glue Me Back Together’ -11-Year-Old Victim Of Waukesha Parade Tells Doctors, Not Giving Up

On Sunday, the citizens of Waukesha, Wisconsin were horrified when an SUV, supposedly driven by lifelong criminal Darrell Brooks, plowed through a Christmas parade of children and adults. With little care for human life, the video of the heinous act is unbearable to watch as the suspect drove through the crowd while fleeing another crime he was part of.

With five people dead and 48 more injured, Brooks now faces five counts of intentional homicide.

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Those charges could increase given the number of kids still in intensive care. But while born out of hate, stories of bravery and determination are starting to circulate and one of the victims, an 11-year-old girl, told her doctors to “glue her back together.” 

Suffering from losing her kidney, a broken pelvis, laceration to her lungs, and internal bleeding, Jessalyn Torres remains in high spirits according to her uncle Ryan Kohnke. He said, “Her mom and dad are with her now at the hospital. They will not be leaving her side. The rest of us are going to make sure the other kids are taken care of throughout this.”

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Describing his niece as a wonderful child, Kohnke laughed, “Even when I spoke to her this morning on the phone, she said to me, ‘Tell them to just glue me back together.’ They decided to do the intubation after that to make her more stable.” He added, “I think she’s confused, she doesn’t really understand what happened. A lot of these kids are confused, they don’t know how to feel. They’re all going through this in their own way, and most of them saw it,”

Recounting the horrific event that he was attending with his own children, Kohnke noted, “After I watched the guy barrel through, police trying to stop him, I knew my family was down there. I grabbed my two children and we ran down there, I’m a veteran myself and it was like a war zone. There were bodies all over, people were just trying to help as much as they could. I just wanted to get the younger kids out of there so that’s what I did.”

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Speaking at a vigil held for the victims, Police Chief Daniel Thompson said, “When tragedy struck this great city, the community responded. Members of the community selflessly went to the aid of the victims. My heart and department prayers go out to the victims and their families.”

Below is a video of Darrell Brooks in his own words…