I went on a date with a Double-Vaxxed Socialist.

If any of you follow my Telegram chat groups or Gab socials, you’ll find that it is overrun with insufferable morons who tell me that I need to lose weight and find a husband immediately.

So fine, I’m down 10 pounds and decided to take their advice- I went out on a date.

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I went out with an extremely handsome young gentleman from a White affluent family. He came from the upper-middle class and maintains a good old-fashioned working-class job, despite having a degree in the well-esteemed field of philosophy (LOL). I liked the fact that he wasn’t on the internet, but that didn’t stop him from being completely brainwashed by the system. He’s what we call a “Bernie Bro” with a chronic case of White guilt.

He arrived wearing a mask which I asked him to take off (embarrassing) and within the first three minutes of our interaction, he was bragging about how he was recently vaccinated with his second dose of the Covid-19 Moderna Vaccine like it was some kind of pick-up line. After sharing his current vaccination status with me, he went silent and just looked at me, like it was my turn to share my vaccine status. I just stared back, disappointed that such a beautiful man would probably be dead in three years from Myocarditis. What a waste. We were able to both laugh at the fact that he is no longer human, and that he was now indeed half-robot. My comments about him probably being sterile from the FauciFrankenJuice seemed to offend him, but, well, the truth hurts.

As we ate cheeseburger sliders and talked about the benefits of veganism, I was able to pick the brain of a high IQ product of the modern-day American University. Leftist Socialists hate capitalism, but they don’t understand those very same crony capitalists would dictate socialist policy should America choose to evolve into a socialist country. We’ve seen what happened when big corporations and Pfizer were empowered to control healthcare, it resulted in vaccine mandates, mass unemployment, and even limb amputations. We’ve also seen what billionaires like Elon Musk will do when they are given the power to control the price of Bitcoin with a simple tweet: chaos, mass losses, and cheaper prices for Musk’s buddies to buy in with because they were given the “heads up” beforehand.

The problem with the modern-day socialist is that it is an idea pushed in America by the Godless Marxist American University Industrial Complex. You cannot claim to care about working-class families while working as a foot soldier for the same Godless Marxists who feminize men, extort workers, incentivize the breakdown of the nuclear family, and chemically castrate your kids.

Socialist policies can work, and will only work when you have a staunch conservative Christian in charge, a prime example being Hungary. Viktor Orban has served as the Prime Minister for Hungary since 2010. He entered into office facing one of the biggest problems that a nation could face: A drastically dropping birthrate.

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The people of Hungary were dying, and birthrates were so low that Orban had two options: Open up Hungary’s borders and replace the Hungarian people with foreign migrants, OR He could rebuild his nation from within by making it as easy as possible for Hungarians to get married and have children. Thankfully for Hungary, Orban chose the latter.

In 2015, The Government of Hungary announced a major new policy: families would be given generous subsidies to buy or build new homes, and the subsidies would scale up based on their marital status and by the number of children they had. This “Family Allowance Program” gives a maximum benefit to married couples with three or more children. In short, the Government of Hungary would give a $36,000 grant to married couples to buy a home, and the more children they had, the less they had to pay back- have three children, and you don’t have to pay the grant back at all. Given that the average salary in Hungary is about $15,000 per year, these incentives make starting a family all the more appealing. People do indeed respond to incentives, and now, the number of marriages in Hungary are at a 40 year high while simultaneously producing a massive baby boom. What American politicians like Nikki Haley would screech as “SoCiAlIsM!!” actually saved the country of Hungary, because the man deciding on the policy actually loves and cares about his people. Socialist Countries like Venezuela are what happens when you give Crony Capitalists and greedy elitists control to implement Godless Socialist policies on the people they are charged to protect but actually hate. Starvation, shortages, and poverty for thee..but not for me! The Hungarian leadership loves its people, and America cannot say the same about the Crony Capitalists who are indeed in complete control of this country. To be clear: I do not support Socialism for the United States, because I know who will be dictating this socialist policy, I do however support Government-funded Social Programs that work to benefit the American people and families- which was something Mr. Moderna and I could agree on. Meanwhile, the Democrats in power of the federal government, with full control of the Executive Branch, Senate, and Congress still can’t even pass a “Paid Family Leave” program because it means working-class Americans will be the ones to benefit.

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So anyway, back to my date.

After a two-hour conversation about who was really responsible for 9/11 and human rights violations against the Palestinian people, I found that there is something we both had in common: We both knew that there is a deep sickness lying within the United States Government. Mr. Moderna voted for “hope and change” and got $900/mo mandatory healthcare and brown people sodomized in Guantanamo Bay; I voted for Hillary for Prison and received J6th political prisoners and Jared Kushner. The United States Government is vile, and our social fabric is in even worse condition.

And then, he asked for separate checks.

To be clear: He did not ask for a separate check because we were having a bad time, we were having a great time. I can only assume “Going Dutch” is what White Liberal Men do when they have bought into the lie that chivalry and masculinity are now deemed toxic. Who knows, maybe he was broke after burying himself alive in student loan debt to pursue a Philosophy Degree that didn’t exactly pay off. I’m not really sure what happened here, but I know that I was deeply offended by it.

Gentleman, always pay for your date. Even if you had a horrible time, it’s just what men do. Nothing is more attractive than masculinity and chivalry, and girls will take notice. In a brief update, I have heard from him since our date, but I will not be pursuing. He should have paid for my dinner, and I’m still dealing with side effects after he spent an evening shedding his spike proteins all over me and my food.