While liberals are more than okay with silencing people who don’t share their opinion and forcing the COVID-19 shot on Americans, apparently, they don’t take too kindly to businesses who don’t side with President Joe Biden or his administration’s plan to strip Americans of their freedoms.

For one Massachusetts liberal visiting his parents in Merrimack, New Hampshire, the Thanksgiving holiday was ruined when he noticed a gun store that featured numerous posters bashing Biden, Anthony Fauci, and Dianne Feinstein. 

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Jumping on Twitter to make sure all the liberals know, Ben Jackson, who is a producer with actress Alyssa Milano on her podcast called Sorry Not Sorry, shared a picture of the 619DW Guns & Ammo with the caption, “This is the gun shop in my parent’s town. Don’t fucking tell me this isn’t a call to violence. Don’t tell me gun culture isn’t sick to its very core. #NoRA #MerrimackNH #NHPolitics.”

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Jackson didn’t stop there, as he was even further triggered when he noticed a sign saying there were no masks allowed. The sign read, “Stop & Read: We Draw Guns on Masked Visitors – Take Your Mask Off before Entering.”

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For those who might be wondering, Jackson’s entire Twitter is dedicated to the Democratic movement. He claims to be: “Dad. Former Navy Seabee. Bylines @BostonGlobe, @CogWBUR, @TheHill. Producer @sorrynotsorry. Cares about people, so Democrat. #BidenHarris2020.”

After being called out by a Merrimack woman, Jackson apparently didn’t appreciate someone disagreeing with him. Jackson tried to insult her intelligence, but, little did he know, the woman was Dr. Karlyn Borysenko.

The Doctor eventually posted a tweet about the attack, saying, “So let’s review: [Jackson] is a white progressive man who has gone out of his way to insult a small business in my town, insult my intelligence, insult my ability to do my job, and has insulted my looks. This is what they mean by toxic masculinity, right?”

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