During his show on Monday, our very own Stew Peters sat down with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, who hasn’t given up on his quest to prove that there was indeed fraud in the 2020 election, despite all of the efforts from the left and corporate America to silence him.

As he introduced his guest, Peters said that Lindell plans to take his latest lawsuit “all the way to the Supreme Court to force these justices to review his challenge to Joe Biden’s entire tenure in office.”


“Here’s what I say about the Supreme Court, everybody. They are nine people,” Lindell said when Peters pointed out that many Americans who have lost all confidence in the high court will be skeptical at the thought that they would ever take this case.

“They’ve lived the American dream,” Lindell added of the justices. “They have grandchildren, children, brothers, fathers, sisters, neighbors, families, and they are there to protect our country. Now…I believe that they’re going to vote nine-zero to accept to look at it.”

Lindell feels so confident that the Supreme Court justices will accept to look at the case because he believes that they are just as eager to find out what really happened in the 2020 election as every other American is, regardless if they lean right or left.

“They’re going to take it in and go, ‘Hey, we finally get to see everything what happened,'” Lindell explained.

Lindell also believes that given how bad Joe Biden’s presidency has been so far, more Americans are going to be pushing for the Supreme Court to hear this case than the radical left would think.


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“Your eyes are getting opened up over here on the left,” he said, addressing the many Democrats who have been disturbed by what Biden has done since getting elected. “I have friends of mine that are liberals and Democrats who are going, ‘Wow…this is horrible.'”

Lindell went so far as to say that this could be a potential “awakening” for the American people as to what happens when our country is controlled by the left, and it’s anything but good. If this is what Biden does to our country after less than a year in office, imagine just how bad things will get if he is allowed to remain in office for four years?

God bless Lindell for continuing to fight the good fight in trying to expose the fraud that millions of Americans know occurred in the 2020 election. Find out more about the upcoming plans he has to bring this case before the Supreme Court by checking out his full interview with Peters here.