On an episode of Mike Lindell TV this week, Lindell threatened to pull all of the advertising for his company, My Pillow, from a Christian radio conglomerate, Salem Radio Network, if they didn’t start discussing, or at least allowing him to discuss, the rampant fraud in the 2020 election.

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Lindell discussed cancel culture and the fact that when he’s featured with one of the hosts on Salem Radion Network (which, he said, he hasn’t been in “a long, long time”), they pounce on the fact that his company has been “canceled” and push out a savings code to encourage listeners to purchase his products to support him.

They won’t, however, discuss WHY he’s been “canceled” by mainstream media and “woke” retailers and websites. When the radio hosts have him on, Lindell said, “it’s a joke.”

“Most of the advertising My Pillow does,” Lindell said, “is on Salem Radio. And all of our favorite hosts, I’ve known them all for years, from your Gallaghers to your Pragers, to Larry Elder, all of them. And they’re advertising…My Pillow products…but they won’t let me say why I was canceled. And they won’t talk about why I was canceled.”

They’re not just as bad as “the problem,” Lindell said. “They’re worse.”

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My Pillow and Lindell were canceled originally because of his strong support for President Donald Trump, which lost him partnerships with such companies as Kohl’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kroger, and more.

Further, Lindell’s advocacy and work to fix the farce that was the 2020 Presidential Election has pushed him into the abyss of products and people no longer allowed to be featured in the mainstream world. He outlined and backed up his belief in the phony results of the election by filing a complaint with the Supreme Court, which he explained on a Thanksgiving Day “Thanks-a-Thon livestream event.”

Lindell went on to say, “So I’m gonna say it right now. I don’t know where I’m gonna go with Salem Media. This might be the last week of Salem Media forever. Unless they can start talking about this.”

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An ultimatum was delivered by Lindell to encourage- or, rather, with such monetary incentive as his advertising dollars, to force- the radio company to speak out against the mountains of evidence of fraudulent activity surrounding the 2020 election.

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“Salem Radio, I’m gonna give you all week long…I’m canceled because we need 2020 fixed. They should be able to report at Salem Radio that Mike Lindell called them out. How about that?

“Salem, why don’t you say ‘Mike Lindell attacked us,’ because I’m gonna pray about it and think about if I’m ever gonna let another Salem Radio host sell a My Pillow again in this country.”

Speaking to all Salem Radio hosts, Lindell said, “Seriously, you need to talk about the Supreme Court complaint. That’s what you need to talk about, Salem Radio.”

He also said that his movie, Absolute Proof, was not discussed by anyone on the radio network “because of what’s in the movie,” which was, of course, the aforementioned evidence of fraudulent activity in the election in 2020. “Just like Fox [News Network], he continued, “would not let us advertise the Cyber Symposium…They wouldn’t let us advertise Frank Speech at Fox.” This, despite them still taking advertising dollars from My Pillow.

Lindell pointed out that the Fox News Network has become “controlled opposition” rather than the conservative outlet it once was, and promised that there would be “more to come” on the Salem Radio Network if they didn’t start addressing the need to fix the 2020 election.

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