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Minnesota’s Democrat Governor Caught Red-Handed Pumping COVID Numbers To Justify Shutdown

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz (D) has been caught red-handed trying to pump up his state’s COVID-19 numbers in order to justify shutting it down.

This week, a whistleblower leaked an exchange from October of 2020 in which Walz told the state’s Department of Health that the Department’s numbers on how COVID-19 was spreading were “less useful than what I expected” because “these numbers are small.” The Commissioner of Health responded by saying that “people look at the primary case numbers and think those are small impacts that don’t justify the dial backs we propose.” She then called on her staff to engage in “creative thinking.”

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What seems to have happened here is that Walz wanted to put restrictions in place for “social gatherings, weddings, funerals,” but the Department of Health’s data on the origin of COVID-19 infections showed such a small number coming from those events that people wouldn’t be willing to go along with the governor’s shutdown. That’s why the Democrat leader encouraged the Department of Health to calculate second and third-generation infections on into the future–”generations of transmission”–to make the numbers look bigger than they really were.

On November 10 of last year, Walz issued Emergency Executive Order 20-96 [8], which was titled “Restricting Social Gatherings, Celebrations, and the Hours and Operations of Bars, Restaurants, and Venues to Prevent Further Spread of COVID-19.” This is the order that Walz wanted the Department of Health to pump up the COVID-19 numbers for.

“Due to careful contact tracing and continuous research, we now have a far greater understanding of the ways that the pandemic spreads,” Walz said in this order. “Greater knowledge allows us to be more surgical in our approach to mitigation, especially when faced with the current surges. The present data points to social gatherings (including friends and family gatherings at private homes), celebrations, and bars and restaurants as the most significant source of COVID-19 spread in the state.”

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Of course, this was never true, and there was no data to back this up.

“I recognize and regret that this Order will affect the bottom line of businesses that have already borne a great deal of hardship due to this pandemic,” Walz continued. “With the holiday season approaching, these changes will also, unfortunately, affect family gatherings and may require Minnesotans to rely on virtual and remote options to continue their holiday traditions. But as the Task Force explained, we must act quickly and implement calculated and aggressive measures.”

This proves once again that for Democrat leaders, this pandemic was always just about exerting control over our lives.