FRASERBURGH, SCOTLAND – A woman who was told by doctors that she should abort her baby has recently had the pleasure of hearing her precious daughter’s voice for the first time.

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Cassy Gray was told at her 12-week check-up that her baby “has a rare condition called semilobar holoprosencephaly, which meant her brain stopped developing in her mother’s womb at five weeks gestation.”

Doctors told her that this condition was “incompatible with life.” They told her there was a 97% chance the baby would be stillborn, and they “strongly advised” her to have an abortion. Cassy would not hear of it.

“We decided right away that termination was not an option,” she said. “I’m not religious but I thought if God wants Megan, he’ll take Megan; if she was going to die, she’d die in her own time – I wasn’t going to take it from her.”

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Five days before Megan’s birth, she was given a 3% chance to live. Cassy was told  her baby “had open wounds on her face, no cheekbones and her eyes were bulging.”

Thanks to this mama’s brave, selfless, and loving decision to choose life, sweet Megan is alive and bringing joy into the world. Last week, Cassy was blessed with hearing 18-month old Megan say her first word: “Mum.”

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“It was really emotional, I didn’t think I would ever hear her say it. In the morning, she’s always vocal,” she told Life News. “She just shouts – no words in particular – and then she kept saying, ‘Mum. Mum’, telling me to get up. There are no other words – she’s just amazing.”

When Megan was born, Cassy told her dad there’s nothing wrong with her. “Now I can’t believe the strong personality she has coming through,” she said. “She smiles through everything and is a cheeky wee monkey.”

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Cassy is half-way through her second pregnancy. Megan has to have oxygen at night and recently underwent a surgery to put her stint in her nose to open her airways.

While, of course, the future is never certain, Megan has become a small miracle that brings hope and joy to many. “She’s proof there is always hope,” Cassy said. “A neurologist in Glasgow asked if she could smile and I said ‘yes,’ then she smiled on cue, and he said ‘it takes a lot more brain function to smile than it does to do a lot of other things.’”

Thank God that Cassy chose life, that those who meet or read about Megan may be blessed with her story of hope, perseverance, and love.

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