Following the mountain of disasters that have been left in the wake of the Democrats since the 2020 election, now America is also facing a supply chain shortage. And just like all those other problems, the current situation has nothing to do with President Joe Biden, his weak leadership, or the Democrats’ inability to work together for the betterment of America. Instead, according to the liberal media, the problem rests solely on the shoulders of the trucking industry. Not only that, but it isn’t just any truck driver. It is specifically white, racist drivers who voted for former President Donald Trump. 

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Over the weekend, MSNBC host Tiffany Cross decided to attack white truckers for being aggressive and due to them voting for Trump. She also added there was a lot of racism in the trucking industry due to it being full of white men over the age of 55. 

“This is an industry populated by a lot of white men over the age of 55. This group of people overwhelmingly voted for Trump. Some people have talked about, you know, aggressive truck drivers cutting them off or not being helpful.”

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Cross went on to add, “So, obviously, the more populated it is with people of color, I think you’ll see less of that.” 

While claiming the only way to end racism is by placing more people of color, who can’t be racist, into the industry, it should be noted that Cross herself admitted to talking to several truck drivers who were people of color. 

Cross recalled how she talked to her brother and several other drivers who have experienced racism in the first few seconds in the video above. But again, she was the one that proposed there were no people of color in the trucking industry, to begin with. 

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With each passing week, as the Democrats thrust America further into despair, it appears the liberal media will make up any wild claim to justify their own failures.