Dr. Peter McCullough has been on the frontlines of the fight against the Big Media, Big Tech, and Big Pharma false narratives being relentlessly jammed down the throats of the people of the world since the beginning of this so-called pandemic.

Truth seekers and truth-tellers such as Peter McCullough don’t get nearly the amount of credit they deserve.




“Patients actually think that the virus is untreatable? And so what happens is they go out to get a diagnosis. Now I’m a COVID survivor, my wife in the galley is a COVID survivor, my father in a nursing home is a COVID survivor. You get handed a diagnostic test. It says here, your COVID positive, go home. Is there any treatment? No, that’s the standard of care in the United States.” – Dr. Peter McCullough

“Hydroxychloroquine’s most frequently prescribed drug for this condition worldwide. It’s the most studied drug.” – Dr. Peter McCullough

“I can tell you firsthand, hydroxychloroquine does not cause giant scars in the heart.” – Dr. Peter McCullough

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“There have been cases all over the country of doctors trying to help patients, and hydroxychloroquine is one of four to six drugs we use for COVID-19. It is extraordinary.” – Dr. Peter McCullough

“There’s not a single media doctor on TV who’s ever treated a COVID patient, not a single one. There’s not a single person in the White House task force has ever treated patient.” – Dr. Peter McCullough

“Lancet published a fake paper that came from a fake database that implied that hydroxychloroquine hurt people in the hospital. And we looked at it in two seconds I knew was a fake paper.” – Dr. Peter McCullough

“I don’t want anybody to think that the myocarditis of the natural infection is anything like what we’re seeing with the vaccines. It’s a totally different syndrome.” – Dr. Peter McCullough

“We’re six months into the vaccine program, and we’ve had no detailed press briefing on vaccine safety. We’ve had 21,000 hospitalizations. The vaccine has no protective effect against the Delta variant. It’s no time to rush out and get the vaccine.” – Dr. Peter McCullough

“America has to wake up right here right now.” – Dr. Peter McCullough


It’s downright criminal what is going on with these so-called COVID vaccines.

More and more people are waking up to the fact that Big Media, Big Pharma, and Big Tech simply do not care about the health and safety of people.

Here’s what a few people are saying about this short compilation video of Dr. Peter McCullough…

“The so-called expert doctors pushing fake vaccines are afraid to debate this doctor because he would expose their lies and bring out the truth.”

“We’re going to need to invent a new award for Dr. McCullough and those relentless docs in this fight.”

“He does it for the love of humanity.”

“He is so good. What a legend.”

“Courage of a lion & heart of an angel. God bless him.”

“When this PLANdemic is over, all the criminals who demonized life-saving drugs like HCQ and Ivermectin, leading to mass death, should be prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity. Big Pharma, Big Tech, and the corrupt MSM all have blood on their hands.”

“They don’t give the people the medicine that works at the early stages. Then allow it to worsen, and they come back to the hospitals, vent them, and the hospitals cash out on a covid death. I’m so tired of these evil bastards.”