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Red Balloon is a service tailor-made for the dark moment we live in. Their slogan is “Free to Work,” and they mean it. Their purpose is to connect employees with employers who won’t force unconstitutional vaccine mandates on them, who won’t force them to swear allegiance to an ever-evolving list of far-left political maxims. They’ve only existed for a few months, and they already have more than 900 participating employers and have had hundreds of thousands of users.

The company is showing workers across the country that they have alternatives. If they’re working for a government or megacorporation that is trying to force the vaxx on them, they can refuse, and there are jobs out there that will support them.

Of course, the left can’t bear even the slightest show of resistance. If a few people successfully say no, then more people will say no. If too many essential workers walk off the job, then Joe Biden’s economy falls apart completely. So they’re going all-out to pop this balloon.

The Greensboro News and Record in North Carolina just published an absolutely deranged attack on Red Balloon. The author, Robert Schoch, says that “Red Ballooners” who try to go on strike against vax mandates need to be collectively punished. He calls for forcing them to wear, quote, “a conspicuously yellow armband indicating his or her fearful ‘choice.’” He says vax protesters should be forced to wear a mask or face shield whenever they stand in the presence of a vaccinated person (so much for those vaccines actually working, eh?). He says the vaccine refusers should be tested over and over again, and that they should be “collectively sequestered” with other yellow armband wearers.

Why is he so obsessed with the color yellow? You probably already know why. Yellow was the color of the armbands the Nazis made Jews wear, and that’s how Robert Schoch wants vaxx protesters to be seen: As the equivalent of Jews under the Third Reich. Just go and die. That’s what these people want for you.

Kim Doster is a public relations consultant supporting Red Balloon. She joined the show to discuss.

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