VIRGINIA – In a blatant attempt to demonize “white women”, NBC News national political reporter Sahil Kapur took to Twitter to share voter turnout data specifically of “white women” regarding the gubernatorial race that was secured by Republican Glenn Youngkin.

Kapur shared two tweets that specifically homed in on how white women voted in Virginia during the 2020 presidential election versus how they voted during the gubernatorial election that just wrapped up on November 2nd.


“Virginia 2020 —> White women 50% Biden (D), 49% Trump (R); Virginia 2021 —> White women 57% Youngkin (R), 43% McAuliffe (D). A 15-point swing to the GOP with this group.”

Now if that weren’t in enough poor taste by NBC’s Kapur, he managed to follow up his initial Twitter post with one that broke down education levels among white women regarding the aforementioned voting turnout.

“Digging a little deeper on this. WHITE WOMEN COLLEGE GRADS VA 2020: 58% Biden, 41% Trump; VA 2021: 62% McAuliffe, 38% Youngkin. WHITE WOMEN NON-COLLEGE VA 2020: 56% Trump, 44% Biden; VA 2021: 75% Youngkin, 25% McAuliffe.”


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Now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to ascertain what the objective was of Kapur in his series of tweets. The first tweet was obviously to get Democrat constituents and loyalists angry at white women in Virginia for not voting in the manner that they would have liked them to.

But Kapur took it a step further in an effort to malign the education level – or general competency – of white women who turned out and voted Republican in Virginia by showcasing that there were allegedly more college graduates that voted Democrat in the state.

Essentially, trying to not only stoke racial division with his nonsense but trying to create fodder for the notion that people who vote Republican are uneducated and should be brushed off as dumb.

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Yet, anyone with an IQ above room temperature can see this for what it is: race-baiting to an extreme with a dash of trying to cast a negative light on women who opted not to attend college.

Kapur ever added yet another smug tweet piggybacking off the first two by writing “The story of tonight is an absolutely stunning GOP swing among white women who didn’t go to college.”

One of the biggest character flaws of Democrats – with Kapur’s social media conduct is a prime example – is that they feel as though they can call people dumb or uneducated and then expect to garner their support.

Color me shocked that the aforementioned strategy doesn’t win elections.