With opening statements being made in the highly controversial Kyle Rittenhouse case, the prosecution claimed that the 17-year-old, at the time, was the instigator that led to him killing two people and wounding another. Taking place in Kenosha during a stint of riots and protests over racial injustice, the prosecution painted Rittenhouse as not a concerned citizen but a vigilante that shot one of the supposed victims in the back. While jury members listened to both sides, Rittenhouse’s future is in question as he faces a mandatory life sentence if convicted. 


Being charged with first-degree intentional homicide, Rittenhouse is battling one of Wisconsin’s top murder charges. But while the prosecution hopes to convince the jury that Rittenhouse is some conservative monster, a new video has been obtained showing the events that led up to the shooting. The video, which you can watch below, shows Rittenhouse asking if anybody needs medical care. It is only when rioters provoke and threaten him that Rittenhouse acts in defense.


As for the trial, the video was presented to the jury on Tuesday and was shot using an FBI plane that was surveying the area. The panel of jurors, while remaining a secret, is made up of 11 women and 9 men. 

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While the prosecution presented Rittenhouse as the instigator, it should be noted that the series of incidents started when 36-year-old Joseph Don Rosenbaum set fire to a dumpster. A nearby militia guard group extinguished the flames, which reportedly angered Rosenbaum.

In numerous videos which are being presented, Rittenhouse is shown running with a fire extinguisher. According to the tape that is now evidence, Rosenbaum was the one chasing Rittenhouse, who was ultimately killed.