The group New York Citizen Audit Research team has come up with another bombshell. Final vote counts derived from county records, published figures on the Secretary of State’s website, and information derived from the state Board of Elections, do not agree. For example, Dutchess county. According to the Secretary of State’s website, 151,889 voters cast a vote in the 2020 election. The Dutchess county voter rolls reflect 152,412 voters. The state BOE rolls have a count of 155,412 votes. Meanwhile, Dutchess County’s official certification of the election counts 151,122 votes. This is a range of 4,290 votes. It may not seem like much but it gets worse.


Dutchess is just one county of 62. According to the Secretary of State, there were 8,690,614 votes cast in New York for the 2020 General Election. A count of registered voters who voted in 2020 yields a different result in the NYBOE data. According to the NYBOE, there were 8,664,959 votes cast. That is a discrepancy of 25,655 votes or about 0.30%. Again, that doesn’t sound like much. However, it gets interesting at the county level.

At the county level, eight counties are responsible for a total discrepancy of 517,221 votes. the remaining counties add 100,298 to the discrepancy, for a statewide total of 617,519 votes. The reason the final discrepancy is only 25,665 votes is that almost half of the county discrepancies are negative numbers. The remainder are positive numbers. Together, they almost cancel each other out, with the NYBOE showing a total of 25,665 votes less than the Secretary of State.


The eight counties are each responsible for no less than a 10,000 vote discrepancy between the Secretary of State and the NYBOE. The six most prodigious counties for removing votes are: Bronx (-49,049), Erie (-66,157), Kings (-53,175), New York (-51,989), Queens (-54,612), and Richmond (-45,432). On the other side of these numbers are two counties that all by themselves nearly make up for the lost votes. Suffolk county contributed 10,270 more votes than were reported by the Secretary of State. Nassau did the heavy lifting by contributing enough extra votes to populate a mid-sized city: 241,149. The remaining 54 counties make up another 100,298 vote difference between the Secretary of State and the NYBOE.

And then it gets worse. NYCAR has compared county-provided data with data provided by the NYBOE. They haven’t looked at every county because they don’t have all the county data. Out of 62 counties, only 34 responded to their FOIA requests (called FOIL in NY). Of those, many provided only partial data that prevented some types of analysis. Queens county provided full data, thus allowing comparison with NYBOE data.

According to the NYBOE, 739,886 votes were cast in Queens during the 2020 General Election. According to the Queens voter rolls, 794,498 voters voted in the same election. Somehow, 54,612 voters who voted vanished from the rolls. One might suggest that these voters were purged due to death or a move out of the county. However, if that were true, they would be listed as “purged”. Other voters appear as purged from both files. For the missing 54,612 Queens voters, they aren’t listed as purged. They are present in one database and missing from the other.


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Consider this: according to the certification document for the Queen’s state senator race, 124,335 votes were cast. Democrat John Liu won with a vote total of 89,504. His challenger, Elisa Nahoum, lost with a count of 41,799 votes. Liu had what appears to be a commanding lead, just as Donald Trump did on election night. However, those missing 54,612 voters would have been enough to sway the election in Nahoum’s favor. Who are they and where did they go? More importantly, why were they removed?

How many down-ticket races could have been swayed by large vote changes in the counties, without affecting the presidential results? This could have been enabled by the careful weighting of positive and negative votes throughout the state. Is that what happened? It is hard to say without an audit. What can be said is that we have several sets of official numbers that cannot be reconciled with each other. At the least, that is a reason to look into the matter.

If elections in America are so rife with either incompetence or fraud that final vote tallies cannot be trusted, then we shouldn’t trust them. If we can’t trust our elections, how do we reconcile our election reality with the ideals of America? If we care about truth and justice, then elections throughout our country, in every state, should be audited. No bank would allow such variability in their records, nor any movie theater or other business. Some of the numbers are all of them, are wrong. Explanations are in order, and they are long past their due date.

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