KENOSHA, WI – In a case that has captured the nation’s attention for a variety of reasons, testimony and video evidence shared during the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse revealed that convicted pedophile Joseph Rosenbaum continued to chase Rittenhouse – despite Rittenhouse yelling that he was a “friendly” prior to the fatal shooting.

Kenosha Police Detective Martin Howard confirmed during testimony delivered on November 3rd that Rosenbaum was aggressively chasing Rittenhouse during the evening of the August 25th, 2020, riot in Kenosha, while Rittenhouse yelled “friendly” multiple times to get the masked Rosenbaum to cease chasing him.


Defense attorney Mark Richards confirmed with Detective Howard that despite Rittenhouse’s efforts to get Rosenbaum to cease pursuing him, the effort did not “dissuade Mr. Rosenbaum, correct?” Detective Howard responded with “correct.”

This testimony was delivered in concurrence with never-before-seen FBI infrared aerial surveillance footage shared in court that showed Rosenbaum hiding between several cars as Rittenhouse is observed walking quickly down the sidewalk.

Rosenbaum then comes out of the cluster of vehicles that the defense referred to as a “hiding spot” where some sort of brief exchange occurred between him and Rittenhouse.

The defendant then continued walking in the same direction he was previously, and Rosenbaum began chasing him – leading to the footage that bore the captured audio of Rittenhouse yelling “friendly” and Rosenbaum continuing to chase him.

As we previously reported here at Red Voice Media, other witnesses took to the stand during the trial that had encountered Rosenbaum on the evening of the Kenosha riot last year.


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One such individual was former Marine Corps rifleman Jason Lackowski, who testified on November 5th regarding an interaction he’d had with Rosenbaum where he was acting rather aggressive.

Lackowski, who was also armed with an AR-15 style rifle during the riot, said he’d run into Rosenbaum after police had pushed a group of rioters away from the Kenosha County Courthouse.

Rosenbaum, according to Lackowski, was acting like a “blabbering idiot” and apparently trying to elicit a physical response from Lackowski and others in the group of armed individuals by repeatedly lunging at them and provoking them to shoot him.

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During cross-examination, Lackowski – who admitted that he’d interacted with Rittenhouse during the evening as well – said that at no point did he see Rittenhouse being aggressive or hostile toward anyone present at the riot.