Following the rapid surge of COVID-19, the Democrats seized the virus and used it as a weapon against the Republicans.

While the GOP waited for science and data to catch up with COVID-19, the Democrats saw an opportunity to thrust America into lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccines.

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And what is shocking is while the Democrats were stripping Americans of their freedoms, they constantly attacked the GOP for not enforcing the government overreach. But although the Democrats might hurl accusations and insults at the Republicans, top Democrats and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi might not be as liberal as many think. 

Even if you aren’t a strong advocate of polls, it’s hard to look past the fact that the GOP has a staggering 10 point lead over the Democrats coming into the 2022 midterm elections. And there is still a year to go. With the writing on the wall, many Democrats have already abandoned the party, like Andrew Yang, or decided not to seek reelection. And while it isn’t confirmed yet – one of those Democrats who might be looking to get out while on top is none other than Nancy Pelosi. 

According to reports, Pelosi might be looking to retire from politics and enjoy the later years of her life. While that might not be shocking news, the Democrat apparently is looking to buy real estate. It isn’t in California or any other Democratic stronghold but in the Sunshine State of Ron DeSantis – Florida. 

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When it comes to Republicans, Ron DeSantis is just a few notches below former President Donald Trump as the Governor wrestled both COVID and the Democrats at the same time. It should also be mentioned, DeSantis managed to control COVID without turning the state of Florida into a shell of its former self. And the whole time, the Democrats attacked him for it. 

But now, it appears Pelosi isn’t playing politics as she decides where she will retire. And who could blame her – the Democratic strongholds around America have seen surges in crime that have turned some of the most beautiful cities into wastelands. 

Although the idea of Pelosi moving into the state of not just DeSantis but also former President Donald Trump is just a rumor, here are the facts: (1) the House Speaker was spotted on the same flight as Marjorie Taylor Greene headed to Florida. And (2), Pelosi was spotted looking at a spectacular $25 million beach estate shortly after. And guess what – that same property has since gone into “pending.” 

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