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Pfizer Death Jab: “2,800 Reported Deaths Were Associated With Just 4% of the Lots of Pfizer Vaccines” – Dr. Jane Ruby

During his show on Monday, our very own Stew Peters [1] examined the latest disturbing revelation that has come out of the vaccine adverse events reporting system (VAERS). Used by the CDC, Peters said that this is the “system whose data indicates that these vaccines have had by far more deaths and side effects linked to them than any and all prior vaccines in history combined.”


“A new analysis from the Daily Exposé finds that of all the deaths reported from Covid-19 vaccinations, 100% of them come from just five percent of vaccine batches, and even in that group, a handful of vaccine batches have far more deaths and adverse reactions than the rest,” Peters said. “If that’s true, then shoddy quality control for vaccines caused tainted batches to go out that killed thousands of people unnecessarily.”

To discuss this further, Peters sat down with Dr. Jane Ruby, who said that there is far more at play here than just shoddy quality control. She explained that what we’re seeing here is that “people are dying and getting permanently disabled in one part of the country, but not in other parts of the country.”

Ruby then went over the numbers, citing a Pfizer chart that shows that “96% of the lots of the Pfizer injections had zero death reports made against them. This means that about 2800 reported deaths were associated with just 4% of the lots of Pfizer vaccines.”


“Also, remember five lot numbers from Pfizer were associated with, ranges wherever those lots landed, of 61 to 80 deaths each. Another group of five lot numbers were associated with ranges of 81 to 100 deaths each,” she continued. “And just two separate lot numbers were associated with over 100 deaths each. ”

When looking analyzing the Moderna data, Dr. Ruby saw similar numbers.

“95% of the Moderna lots show no death reports made against them,” she said. “This means that 2600 deaths were associated with just 5% of the lots of Moderna vaccine.”

“13 lot numbers were associated with 41 to 60 deaths in those sections,” Ruby added. “And two lot numbers were associated with 61 to 80 deaths…One lot number was associated with groups that saw 81 to 100 deaths.”

“This investigation of the various data also found that batches of Pfizer and Moderna injections were distributed…to between 13 and 50 states across our country and had unusually high numbers of adverse events,” she stated.

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In the end, Ruby feels that this was all “premeditated murder, paced out, to keep the public from overthrowing authorities” and to “keep the sheep” coming in “to get their shots.” Find out more about the evidence that she has to back this up by checking out her full interview with Peters here [1].