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Pfizer Trial Victim Speaks Out: Teen Permanently Disabled, Silenced by Media

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If any poor unfortunate soul represents the way our leaders have misled and lied to us, it’s 13-year-old Maddie De Garay.

Maddie’s mother Stephanie was a Biden voter last fall. She was a complete believer in this vaccine, so much so that she volunteered her daughter for a Pfizer vaccine trial.

But something went horribly wrong. Shortly after her second shot in January, Maddie’s health fell apart. She’s suffered from an erratic pulse, muscle spasms, headaches, and has lost the ability to walk or even cough properly. She’s been confined to a wheelchair and has to use a feeding tube. She’s been repeatedly hospitalized. The pain, we’re told, is often excruciating.

But instead of admitting that the vaccine is at fault, doctors have blamed Maddie’s illness on “conversion disorder,” which is just the modern name for the old illness of “hysteria.” They think Maddie’s illness, the one that has her in a wheelchair and on a feeding tube, is all in her head. Maddie never suffered from anxiety until they stuck this shot in her arm, but now the doctors say it must be anxiety that is leaving her unable to walk.

Stephanie De Garay just wants health authorities and the Biden Administration to acknowledge what happened to her daughter. But they don’t need Stephanie anymore. They got her vote, which is all they wanted. Now she’s useless to them. To quote Courtney Bennet of the Mayo Clinic, their attitude may as well just be “please go die.”

They need Maddie out of the way because right now the Biden administration is racing ahead with Operation Shots in Arms. The FDA just approved “emergency” vaccines for children aged five to twelve, and you better believe they’re going to be sticking needles in newborns as soon as they can. They don’t want a permanently disabled young girl ruining their plans, or in Pfizer’s case, their profit margins.

Stephanie has tried to commission a television commercial about her daughter’s suffering. It was supposed to air during Saturday Night Live and then Meet the Press the following day. The ad was a direct personal plea to President Biden. Comcast initially accepted it. But then, they retracted that acceptance. They said the ad’s contents were too graphic, and at the same time they said Stephanie’s claims about Maddie were unsubstantiated, despite Stephanie submitting her complete medical records.

That’s the hell that Maddie is living through. She got an experimental shot because powerful people lied to her family and said it was definitely safe. Now she’s suffering and they just want her silenced, disappeared, put away. And of course, Stephanie has no hope of suing Pfizer for what happened to her daughter. Congress made sure of that last year when it gave them a blanket immunity for the side effects of this vaccine.

Stephanie De Garay joined the show to discuss.

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