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Michelle Malkin has been one of the real warriors on the right over the past few years. A lot of conservatives SAY they oppose “cancel culture,” but Malkin really means it, and has stood up for figures like Nick Fuentes when others have denounced them. And she hasn’t been afraid to take positions that will get her trouble with conservative outlets that try to stay “respectable” in Washington or in Silicon Valley.

Michelle has a new article out: “What Every Parent Must Know About Pfizer.” And it’s worth reading because right now there’s a lot that is worth knowing about Pfizer. On Tuesday, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said that anybody who criticizes his vaccine is a “criminal.”

Of course, if Bourla wants to find some criminals he might consider ferreting around his own corporation. He’s some of the material from Malkin’s article.

Quote: “Twenty-five years ago, Pfizer sent a team to Nigeria during a meningitis outbreak. They conducted an “open-label” (unblinded) clinical trial involving 200 children. Half of them were given Pfizer’s new antibiotic Trovan and half of them received the gold standard treatment, ceftriaxone.”

So, we have a gold standard, cheap treatment that works well, and then we have a novel new drug Pfizer really wants to sell. Sound familiar? Anyway, Malkin continues: “Pfizer used substantially lower doses of ceftriaxone to rig the trial results in favor of Trovan. At the time of the Kano trial, Pfizer was pushing for FDA approval of their latest potential billion-dollar cash cow for pediatric use. Eleven Nigerian children died: five after receiving Pfizer’s product and six after receiving lower-than-normal doses of the older drug.”

In one case, a 10-year-old girl was kept on Trovan even when it was obvious the drug was doing nothing; eventually she died. By the way, there’s evidence that Pfizer did all these experiments on Nigerian children without any approval, and that they only got approval after the fact, then backdated the letter. According to a whistleblower, Pfizer bribed public officials and cut safety corners so they could keep their study going.

Eventually, after a long lawsuit over this unauthorized human experimentation, Pfizer settled for $75 million, but that $75 million bought them something even more valuable: A strict confidentiality clause. Even that settlement only came after Wikileaks published documents proving that Pfizer tried to dig up dirt on a Nigerian prosecutor so they could blackmail him into backing off.

Thanks for that one, Wikileaks. Makes you wonder if Pfizer is passing money around to make sure the U.S. keeps trying to imprison Julian Assange.

And all this is just one case. In 2009, Pfizer paid $2.3 billion for a medical fraud case where they paid doctors kickbacks to prescribe their products. It had to pay $300 million in settlements when their anti-smoking drug make the people taking it want to kill themselves.

And there’s more. And keep in mind, Pfizer does all this even in instances where they have to pay out millions or billions of dollars when they get caught. Now think of how they’re likely to handle Covid-19, where Congress has already given them complete legal immunity for any harms that come from their drugs.

Michelle Malkin joined the show to discuss.

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