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Rachel Maddow Gets Roasted For Her Reaction To An Unhealthy Looking Hillary Coughing Up A Lung [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton isn’t looking so well these days, and a recent appearance [1] on Rachel Maddow’s program on MSNBC showed the former First Lady having a bit of a coughing fit that even caught Maddow off-guard.

As many may remember, during Clinton’s failed 2016 campaign to secure the White House, there was a lot of speculation regarding her overall health.

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Back in September of 2016, concerns over Clinton’s health even managed to garner conjecture from the likes of NBC News [3] – with the outlet making mention of her then-purported pneumonia diagnosis following her infamous near-collapse [4] during a September 11th memorial service as well as her September 5th, 2016, coughing fit in Cleveland, Ohio [5].

Of course, even with the mainstream media wondering about the health of Clinton at the time, her people simply brushed it off as no big deal and that it was just pneumonia she was allegedly enduring.

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Well, five years later, the infamous cough is back.

Maddow seemed a bit taken aback by Clinton’s coughing during her recent appearance on her show – and for some reason, apologized to Clinton, saying, “Excuse me, sorry, I didn’t mean to jump in there in a way that surprised you” as if somehow Maddow did something to make Clinton start hacking away.

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