KENOSHA, WI – As the jury closed their second day of deliberation over the Kyle Rittenhouse decision, pallets full of bricks started magically showing up around the city.

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Many reports started coming in to the police over the appearance of the makeshift weapons used across the nation during riots, and an officer went to investigate a report of them showing up in an alley. The officer can be heard on the recording as saying there are “bricks everywhere.” The officer can be heard on the recording (obtained by The Starfire Codes) by clicking HERE and scrolling approximately to the 1:11 mark.

This comes as the jury has spent approximately 16 hours already in deliberation; for 8.5 hours on Tuesday and 7.5 hours on Wednesday. The jury Wednesday requested to review two of the videos they’d previously been shown.

While a courtroom pool reporter said that there “were no outward signs of tension among them at the end of their day,” the same reporter said they did appear to be fatigued at the end of the second day.

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The jurors are not being sequestered for this trial, and they’re set to again begin deliberations Thursday at 10:00am Eastern.

Rittenhouse’s attorneys have requested a mistrial with prejudice (which would preclude the shooter from being tried again) due to prosecutors failing to provide video evidence to the defense.