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Rittenhouse Prosecution Witnesses Show Rosenbaum Was Violent and Threatening On Night Of Shooting

KENOSHA, WI – The murder trial of teenager Kyle Rittenhouse began this week, and parts of Thursday’s testimony has many people baffled.

The prosecution called [1] what they said is their star witness: a journalist who was recording on the evening of the incident in question. Richie McGinniss, chief video director of the Daily Caller, was amongst the rioters on August 25, 2020 when Rittenhouse shot three people, killing two of them.


Rittenhouse was 17 years old at the time of the shootings. The two people who were shot and killed are Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26. The person he shot in the arm and wounded is Gaige Grosskreutz, 27.

The interaction with Rosenbaum was first, and prosecutors allege that the encounter “set the stage” for the next two shootings.

McGinniss told the prosecution that while in the parking lot of a used car dealership, Rosenbaum yelled, “Fuck you!” while walking toward Rittenhouse. He then “lunged” towards Rittenhouse and attempted to grab his rifle.

McGinniss re-enacted that part of the scene for the jury, lunging forward with both arms out. He said it appeared that Rosenbaum “was grabbing for the front portion” of Rittenhouse’s gun. Rittenhouse then shot him four times.


Ryan Balch was also called to the stand by prosecutors, as a military veteran who was with the armed men (including Rittenhouse) at the dealership they were protecting. Balch testified thatĀ Rosenbaum was throwing rocks and attempting to set fires, acting in an overall “violent” manner.

Balch earlier in the night, Rosenbaum threatened to kill any of them (including, he said, Rittenhouse) “if he caught them alone.” He also said, “Every encounter I saw him have with someone was extremely aggressive.”

Watch part of the exchange below.