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Rose McGowan’s Powerful Tweet – ‘Do You Understand’ The Distraction They’re Trying To Pull?

No matter what you might personally believe about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, two things are a fact – he was found not guilty, and it has captivated all of America.

Even though the verdict was only read less than 48 hours ago, riots and protests started as the liberals believe that some severe injustice has been done, and a white supremacist could walk free.

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Again, these are their beliefs. But while the left has to come to terms with the verdict and massive defamation lawsuit that is on its way, actress and activist Rose McGowan is apparently stunned that America is so captivated about Rittenhouse when another case is taking place that nobody seems to be aware of. And according to McGowan, that is the plan. 

While the Rittenhouse trial was streamed for the entire world to see, every day, at the same time, another case was practically held in silence behind closed doors. The trial is for Ghislaine Maxwell. Before you jump on Google to refresh yourself with the name, Maxwell was the partner to Jeffrey Epstein, who was known to run an underage sex trafficking ring that extended to some of the world’s most powerful people. 

Posting about the circus that is being played out all over the media, McGowan tweeted a simple image showing the distraction of the Rittenhouse trial and how the only information about the Maxwell case being released is a simple drawing. 

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Although the verdict of Rittenhouse was highly anticipated and has been rejected countless times since McGowan is warning people about the true injustices that are taking place behind closed doors, not a single media outlet has reported on the Maxwell trial. It can’t be watched online, but when it came to a teenager acting well within his rights – the liberals exploded. 

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And while McGowan is trying to show Americans the truth, apparently, some are completely fine believing the narrative being presented to them. One user replied to McGowan, saying, “Sorry, but Rittenhouse isn’t a distraction for, I don’t know…black and brown people. People can pay attention to more than 1 thing at a time.”

Even though it is already known, it should be noted that every person involved in the Rittenhouse incident was white, but the liberals continue to make it a race issue.