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A year ago, some of us were naive enough to hope that, over time, people would get tired of Covid, get used to it, and let life go back to normal.

How wrong we were. It’s clear that for half the country, the more time passes, the more outrageous and demented they become. We’ve known from the very beginning that Covid 19 has virtually no effect on children. They are borderline immune. If a child is healthy enough to attend school, they are effectively at zero risk from the disease.

And despite knowing all that, school leaders are determined to torture children and make their lives absolute hell. They force them to wear masks all day. They bully and terrorize them if they don’t comply. They make them sit in sterilized desk pods or eat lunch without speaking, or whatever new torments sound like a good idea.

Here’s a new story from Valley, Washington. At 8:45 am the students at Valley School were assembled for daily Covid symptom check. If any child showed cold-like symptoms (and remember, that’s far more likely to be a cold than Covid), then they were sent off to the nurse’s office with a note. Once they arrived there, the students were escorted to a hallway behind the school gym. They were then locked inside this hallway; it had automatic locking doors and required a keycard to open. There were no chairs available and we’re told that at certain points even the bathroom doors were locked. And that’s where they were left. At least six children were locked in there, with no bathroom access, no food, and no water, since the drinking fountains in that hallway were broken or turned off. They were like this for apparently 2 hours or more.

All this evil, all this torture, for a disease none of these children are at any risk from. You just know that if they can get away with it, teachers will be doing this to children forever, for every disease they can. Because cold-like symptoms are never ever going away.

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Roxanne Hill is the parent of a child that was tortured by Valley school staff, and she joined the show to discuss.

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