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Secret Vax Agreements Between Big Pharma & Governments REVEALED By Gov. Official

Information about these so-called vaccines is being hidden from the citizens of the world and from high-level government officials.

In this case, Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes calls this out in a public press conference and exposes declassified Big Pharma contracts demanding the loss of rights for the unvaccinated.



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Cristian Terheș: As the article says, These contracts were disclosed to us and to the public. And I want to show you some of those pages. And you tell me if this is okay. For the European citizens to be exposed to the situation where they cannot come to work, they cannot enter a store. They cannot go with their kids to schools, where they cannot freely move from one country to another unless one situation is vaccinated. We want these products. So these are the contracts that were disclosed by the Commission with the approval of the company. It is unheard of. And I will just show you the pages. These are the pages. You see.

Reporter: They call this transparency these days?

Cristian Terheș: So this is the fundamental principle of democracy. I’m asking you guys, is this transparency? Do you see anything? Because we don’t. European citizens’ money have been given by Ursula von der Leyen to these companies. What happened with this money? What are they? Why aren’t they open with the people and fully transparent? So we all know what is going on? The difference between tyranny and democracy is very simple. When the government knows everything about you, that’s tyranny. I know how it is to live in tyranny. When you know everything about your government, that’s democracy. So this is where we are right now—praising this institution.


You can watch the full clip here: