MURRIETA, CA – The Twitter account Libs of Tik Tok recently shared a video of a conversation taking place on Twitter’s “Spaces” platform – where Twitter users can host private conversations among other users – where a person speaking under the handle of “SoDeyZay” claimed that he attended BLM demonstrations to “riot” and that he specifically wanted to attack “white people” while attending.

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The Twitter Spaces conversation was titled “There 2 Many White People Mass Report” and was hosted by an account known as “C.H.E.C,” and co-hosted by two others – one of which was “SoDeyZay”, who can be heard speaking during the clip.

“It was the same when I went to the L.A. protest…all the cops said all that fuck shit ‘everybody let’s be peaceful’ and they was trying to riot and start bullshit. They had snipers on the fucking Jewish temples and shit like that. That shit was crazy. But I didn’t go to be peaceful, I went there to riot personally. I’m not advocating that for anybody else…I personally wanna fuck up some white people, that’s just what I do.”

User C.H.E.C. later retweeted the post and said they were “speaking about [Grand Theft Auto] Duh.”

It turns out that the man heard speaking on the clip is 23-year-old Isaiah Shabazz, who resides in Murrieta – a city roughly 80 miles southeast of Los Angeles. While it’s unclear what exact riot in Los Angeles Shabazz was referring to in his profane rant about engaging in rioting – the sentiments expressed are certainly concerning.

Shabazz, while obviously emboldened amidst his participation in an openly racist Twitter Spaces forum, admitted to not only rioting during what were ostensibly BLM demonstrations in Los Angeles – he admitted to wanting to commit acts of violence specifically against white people, which is a hate crime.

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Furthermore, he alluded to having committed such racially motivated acts of violence before, as he gleefully added “that’s just what I do,” after expressing his desire to attend riots to commit hate crimes.

After having been confronted with the audio clip, Shabazz took to Twitter on November 30th to proclaim that he was being harassed by “racist crackers,” alleging that he was receiving direct messages on Twitter.

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“LMAOOOO the racist crackers in my dms”

Isaiah Shabazz’s now deleted Twitter post

Shabazz has since deleted several tweets, including the one discussing “racist crackers.”

The irony is obviously completely lost on Shabazz, as he’s been the one outed as being not only openly racist – but bragging about his inclinations toward committing hate crimes.

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