Sen John Kennedy (R-LA) is arguably the funniest man in Congress.

He uses his folksy wisdom to take jabs at his political opposition, sometimes in a self-deprecating way, as is the case you can see in the video below.

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“I think that one of the differences between people and dogs is that dogs would never allow the weakest or the dumbest to lead the pack. President Biden’s energy policy is both weak and dumb. He and his ‘woker’ friends have eliminated, terminated, ended America’s hard-fought energy independence. And here’s their new policy. Let’s force America to buy oil from foreign countries that hate us. So those foreign countries will have money to buy weapons to try to kill us. There’s just one problem, those foreign countries, OPEC, Russia, are not increasing the oil production, at any price, at any price. And that’s the main reason that you see gas prices going up. I guess another way of putting it is the reason gas prices are going up is because the oils in Louisiana and Texas and the dipsticks are in Washington DC. I read that somewhere it seemed appropriate.” Senator John Kennedy

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You just gotta love it, considering he’s one of the people in Washington D>C that he referred to as dipsticks.

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Based on some of the comments we’ve seen online about this clip, the people agree that Kennedy is one of the best for this type of thing…

“Watching that video of FJB walking from Air Force One, he does not walk like a man in control of his faculties. He walks like a drunk guy looking for the bathroom.”

“You have got to love this guy. He is hilarious. He says what is on his mind. No stopping point if it goes Thru his mind it comes out his mouth.”

“The best part about this is that he is modest enough not to take credit for the “dipstick” line.”

“I’d move to Louisiana just so I could vote for you. Homespun wisdom trumps a lot.”

“Always find this guy invariably “nails it” in his own inimitable fashion!”

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