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Senator Hawley Introduces Legislation To Protect Parents’ Rights In Education

Senator Josh Hawley (R-AR) introduced a bill yesterday that is meant to defend parents’ rights in education. This comes as many believe that the left is trying to indoctrinate our children by pushing things like critical race theory in schools.

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Town Hall [2] reported that Hawley’s Parents’ Bill of Rights Act includes eight parental “rights” regarding their child’s education that, if restricted, would make it possible for parents to sue federally funded schools. These eight “rights” are as follows, according to a press release [3] from Hawley:

  1. The right to know what their minor child is being taught in school, including, but not limited to, curricula, books, and other instructional materials. 

    • School and school districts shall be prohibited from requiring non-disclosure agreements or similar forms for parental review of curricula, and shall instead allow parents to make copies of curriculum documents.
  2. The right to information on who is teaching their minor child, including guest lecturers and outside presenters.

    • Schools and school districts shall allow student involvement in school assemblies, field trips, and other extracurricular activities only if parents opt-in, rather than opt-out.
  3. The right to information on individuals and organizations receiving school contracts and funding.
  4. The right to visit the school and check in on their minor child during school hours.
  5. The right to all school records, medical or otherwise, concerning their minor child.
  6. The right to information about the collection and transmission of their minor child’s data.

    • Schools and school districts shall obtain parental consent prior to collecting any biometric data or other sensitive personal information on the minor child.
  7. The right to have sufficient accountability and transparency regarding school boards.

    • School board meetings pertaining to curricula, safety, and other student issues shall be held in public and allow for public comments.
  8. The right to know about situations affecting their minor child’s safety in school.

    • Parents shall be notified in a timely manner of all reported incidents pertaining to student safety, including all crimes or misdemeanors committed by teachers or other school employees.

“America has long recognized the right of parents to direct their children’s education but we are now seeing a concerted effort by the Left to shut parents out,” Hawley added in a statement.

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“Whether it’s Joe Biden’s Justice Department attempting to classify parents as ‘domestic terrorists’ or activists funded by dark money who seek to quietly introduce critical race theory into school curricula, education has taken a back seat to radical politics in many schools and parents are taking notice,” he continued. “It’s time to give control back to parents, not woke bureaucrats, and empower them to start a new era of openness in education.”

Parents everywhere should have the right to fight back against what they perceive to be the indoctrination of our children, otherwise, it will be possible for the radical left to weaponize the next generation of American youths.