The Democrats and the liberal media, like CNN, the current playbook is that COVID-19 is a pandemic-causing, civilization-ending virus. And the only way to defeat it is – vaccinations at any cost. Now while that last part is being highly contested as Americans pushback on the miracle jab, the left has been adamant about mask mandates, lockdowns, and under-classing the unvaccinated. But what makes it interesting is that while the Democrats might support masks, they have been caught breaking their own rules numerous times. From President Joe Biden to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the left appears more fixated on the general public conforming than saving lives. 

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Although there are numerous occasions where top Democrats and liberal icons have been caught breaking the rules, it appears the left is now bending the rules only when it benefits them. 

Take Madison Square Garden, for example. A staple for any artist. Over 20,000 people packed into the arena to hear Billy Joel make his trumpet return earlier this month. And among the horde of fans were three people in particular. Primetime anchor Don Lemon, Sunday show host Fareed Zakaria, and the president of the CNN network, Jeff Zucker. 

As you can imagine, with a name like Zucker in attendance, it is important. The man is behind one of the largest liberal media machines to date. Although it should be noted that the network has been bleeding viewers since President Biden took office.  But still, with the three in attendance enjoying the show, not a single one of them wore a mask or seemed to worry about the world-ending COVID-19. And again, there were over 20,000 maskless people in attendance. 

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Before wondering who an entire arena could go maskless, according to the Madison Square Garden’s FAQ page, “Fully vaccinated guests are not required to wear a mask.”

While they weren’t breaking any laws, it is interesting how Lemon would go maskless when he recently blasted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for saying masks were not proven to be effective. Lemon responded, “God, that is just such bunk, or just to say this is bulls–t, really? They want to protect the kids, governor. What do you want?” 

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Lemon didn’t stop there as he added, “It is just depraved. People are dying all across this country, people with loved ones who are grieving tonight. These are people who didn’t have to die. Their loss is a very preventable tragedy.”

But remember, to CNN and the Democrats, COVID-19 is so severe and dangerous that kids should wear mask up to eight hours a day in school, but packing an arena full of maskless people to hear music is a risk the left is willing to take. 

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