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The totalitarianism that is descending upon America isn’t emanating from the White House. You can’t get rid of it simply by sending Biden to a nursing home and Kamala Harris to a loony bin. Instead, tyranny is oozing from the pores of every institution in America. It’s bubbling up from the bottom because the hearts of the American left love tyranny. They love abolishing freedom, for others and for themselves. That’s why every tech company embraces censorship. It’s not because Biden demands it, though he does. It’s not because the CEOs want it, though some of them do. The biggest reason there’s so much tech censorship today is because the rank and file employees want it.

The same goes in our schools. Our schools have psychotic mask mandates and speech codes and transgender propaganda because the ordinary teachers and administrators all believe in them.

And so it is with our court system. The judges of America’s courts are embracing vaccine tyranny. In September, a mother had her child taken away by a court and placed in foster care because she wasn’t vaccinated. Now that the FDA has rushed through approval for vaccinating children, courts are doing what they can to force shots into the arms of minor children.

Kerry Murray is a father who sadly is currently embroiled in a family court dispute. He wrote this message to us. Quote: “The divorcing parents that don’t want shots are considered negligent parents. My children were injected with the bio-weapon behind my back. This isn’t uncommon in family court.” Unquote.

Of course, vaccines are just the tip of the pyramid of evils that go on in family court. Family courts also drive wedges between families. They deploy psychopathic social workers to take children out of homes and get them into foster care. They aggressively push forward insanity like transgenderism and will take kids away from their parents if they aren’t on board with mutilating their own kids.

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Kerry wanted to come on to talk about that whole destructive system. We’re happy to have him, Kerry joined the show to discuss.

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