Stew Peters took the stage and delivered the keynote speech at yesterday’s “Stand For Liberty MN” event in Albert Lean, Minnesota, and he did not disappoint the attendees.

Stew opened the speech and set the tone with, “Are you guys enjoying this movie that we’re in? We have to start calling this what it is and we have to stop with the politically correct BS nonsense. Party lines do not define, somebody with an R next to their name doesn’t mean they’re a good guy and a D doesn’t mean they’re a bad guy.”

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Watch the full speech here:

(Video courtesy of TC Pearson and Minnesota Black Robe Regiment.)

Stew pointed out that, “Meetings and gatherings like this are not about political activism anymore. This is about salvation. This is about looking to Jesus and pointing everyone to the Cross.”

When speaking about the stolen 2020 election, Stew said, “We have not had a fair election in this country since Ronald Reagan. It’s all fake.”

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Stew then went ‘there’ on Donald Trump: “We have been told for a long time to trust a plan. Let me tell you something, we are the plan because Donald Trump is not riding back into the White House on a white horse. He’s touring the country selling vaccines right now and we have to be honest, we have to be honest, we have to be willing to talk about the uncomfortable truths to everyone that we see and to everyone that we know.”

You may not always like what Stew says, but he isn’t wrong.