Just being announced on Friday, Americans are already calling the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict “The Trial of The Century.”

Being found not guilty on all counts, Americans on both sides of the aisle have reacted to the news.

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The media, spending the last year vilifying Rittenhouse, now claims the justice system is broken. But even though the trial is over, Americans are still combing over the evidence and trial footage, hoping to find an overlooked piece that could solidify their stance. And in doing that, online users noticed something mysteriously peculiar about a certain point within the trial. 

In the video featured below, the prosecution is speaking, but that isn’t what is concerning people. If you take a look at the person walking into the courtroom, at one point, his foot not only blends into the floor but appears to go through it. 

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While no one is suggesting that this is evidence that humanity does, in fact, live inside a simulation as portrayed in “The Matrix,” the video makes many question what is causing the effect. 

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Although there is no official answer as to why the man appears to be stepping through space and time, one user suggested, “Lots of video compression codecs work on keyframes. that area of the screen is a static dark tile, and the codec probably didn’t see the dark shoe as a change, so it kept encoding the brown color. You can still see the tongue of the shoe and some artifacting.”

Another user fought against the reason, adding, “how can it be a codec issue when even if the foot was there, he would be stepping lower than the floor anyway??? Wtf.”

No matter the reasoning, one user flat out said, “This version of the Matrix is awful.”