Just like the Democrats, the liberal media outlets are bleeding viewers as Americans are growing wise to their act. There is a reason why the media and the Democrats continue to harp on former President Donald Trump. Before Trump, the idea that the media was biased for pushing the Democrat’s agenda was nothing more than a conspiracy. But when Trump entered the political arena, he pulled back the curtain and showed their true motivations. Now, given that the media is hitting record low viewership and Democrats are set to lose big in the 2022 midterms, it appears CNN will do and say whatever they can to save what little power they have left. 

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It’s nothing new that the Democrats want every American to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Doesn’t matter that the supposed vaccine doesn’t stop a person from (1) getting the virus or (2) spreading the virus, the left still claims it is the best way to fight COVID-19. The liberals have even relied on the famous cast of Sesame Street to convince children that the COVID-19 shot is good. 

Seeing Big Bird trying to convince America’s youth to get the jab, Texas Senator Ted Cruz blasted the move, labeling PBS as, “Government propaganda… for your five-year-old!” 

Upset that Cruz would dare go against the narrative, CNN hotshot Jim Acosta replied to Cruz’s comments. “Ted Cruz — he could have been a contender with his recent criticism of Big Bird — and his accusation that Liz Cheney suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

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Obviously, Acosta and CNN are desperately trying to get a rise out of Cruz, given they have nothing else to talk about. But instead of playing into their hand, Cruz tweeted back and in just a few short words, the Senator destroyed CNN and pointed out how they are nothing more than an assembly line of propaganda. 

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