A 17-year-old girl from Tennessee has been hospitalized due to a horrifying reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Shelby Grace Allen of Dyer County first began noticing that she was suffering from back pain a few weeks ago, according to WKRN. Things got even worse for her when she was bowling one night.


“I’m on the bowling team in Dyer County, and I noticed when I was throwing the ball, I couldn’t feel my arm and legs. So, I was freaking out,” she recalled.

Allen was then rushed to the hospital by her parents, and she has since been diagnosed with a rare condition known as Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

“When we got in, my doctor, my P.A. told me right off the bat what she thought it was. She said you have Guillain-Barré,” she said.

Dr. Nick Hysmith, the medical director of infection prevention, explained what this condition is.

“It’s a condition where the body’s immune syndrome gets a little bit confused and targets your nerve cells, and that leads to weakness,” he said.

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Despite this, Hysmith is still encouraging people to get the vaccine.

“The illness is going to cause more symptoms and is more likely to cause that issue than the vaccine itself. I would still urge people to still get the vaccine,” he said.


Though Allen agrees with him, she also wants people to be aware of the complications that can stem from the vaccine.

“I think everybody needs to get it if they want to. They shouldn’t be afraid of it but know what could happen if you do get it,” she said.


Allen is continuing to recover, and she recently celebrated being moved out of the intensive care unit in the hospital. She’s now looking forward to graduating in the spring.

“I should be able to walk and get my diploma in March. I’ll be graduating high school. I should be able to walk on that stage, and I’m determined to do that,” she said. “I definitely feel blessed. I could be in a lot worse situation than I am now. I could be dead, or I could be paralyzed.”

In their quest to make everyone get vaccinated, the left and the media are trying to bury any story about the complications that can stem from these shots. Please help us make Allen’s story go viral so that Americans everywhere can factor what happened to her into whether or not they get these shots.