With the recent victory in Virginia and anticipating gains in 2022, Republicans forget when they’re in power such as holding the presidency and House and Senate under President Trump, Democrats are only slowed in their march to destroy the USA.

While fighting the Civil War inside America the Democrat party killed hundreds of thousands of Republicans, and a Democrat president is the only one who dropped nuclear bombs on humans.  Democrats are now preparing for future conflict by working to disarm civilians and purging Republicans from police forces and the military with their vaccine mandate.

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Maps of crime rates and voting patterns show high lawbreaking where mostly Democrat voters reside, but Republican areas are low crime.  Nearly all media supports the malevolent group whose actions included keeping blacks as slaves, and yet ancestors of those slaves overwhelmingly vote for the group that said they were property.  Current actions of the Democrat party results in higher prices and shortages of electricity, gasoline, and medical care to the detriment of Democrat voters, and yet they continue to elect persons who harm them.

Unless a very strong outside force intervened, it is impossible nearly all media goes for the bad, blacks mostly vote for the group that enslaved them, and vast numbers of citizens vigorously seek financial and physical discomfort for themselves.  These realities evidence an organizing force exists behind the Democrat party and for thousands of years it has been called the devil.

Previously conservative/Republican commentators and elected officials didn’t know who was leading the group they were facing, and you can identify those who still do not when they say they don’t know who is controlling the Biden presidency, float the idea Democrats would allow a peaceful national divorce or say destructive Democrat actions are due to incompetence.

So the Democrat party is completely and forever bad, what then are Republicans?  We could list the good things and stop there but that helps conceal what Democrats really are.  Republicans have acted in accordance with but not outright recognized they are the group humans formed to oppose evil, which is to say oppose the devil, which is to say follow God of the Bible.

Thus, the Republican group exists to obey God of the Bible and resist the devil.

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If We Ignore Truth

An effective Democrat tactic is accusing others of what they are.  Put “Trump devil” in a search engine and you will be shocked how many prominent Democrats already falsely called him that.  If you don’t call them what they really are then when they say you’re the devil you’ll realize by delaying this allowed them to claim you’re the bad one.

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Today a major Democrat goal is for persons to attend school, travel, and work, they have to show a Democrat-approved card or QR code (vaccine mandate).  That’s a dictatorship and a move towards Revelation 13:17 “so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.”

Wearing masks and closing businesses and places of worship were unnecessary and are tests to see how far citizens will follow dictates delivered through Democrats.  Large numbers of persons are losing their jobs by refusing mandatory vaccination, and they do that not only as long-term effects of the chemicals are unknown, but because subconsciously they already know what is giving the commands and they inherently must resist.

Democrats are not going to allow you to get away from them through a peaceful dissolution as they accept only submission.  Imagine Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi agreeing to divide the USA by giving Trump supporters half of the machine guns and nuclear submarines, then accepting half of the trillions of national debt and obligations, and letting go of land where oil will be obtained.  Never going to happen.  They want to control everything or more accurately the one they serve wants it.

In the first Civil War Democrats were the rebels and they had less resources but the sides weren’t too far unmatched.  If there is a second war the evil group will control national assets and Republicans will be the rebels so a slaughter of fighter jets against hunting rifles results, and it would be foolish to say “Democrats wouldn’t start a shooting war inside the USA or incinerate humans with nukes” because they’ve already done both!

What to Do

Tell all voters the political parties are simply people who chose the good God of the Bible or evil the devil and show them the proofs in this article and from others.  Then fully informed humans get to use their free will and make their choice.  Some Republicans who may have stayed home during an election will go to the polls or mail in their ballot, and some independents and Democrats will be changed and learn to focus on what the parties are and not be misled by false statements about individual candidates.

Second, make it cost them by orienting your life away from the bad and towards the good.  Cancel cable and get an over-the-air antenna there are wonderful movies and TV shows playing from the 1950s to ’90s (and no curse words like on cable).  Delete Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, you’re voluntarily giving them information they will use to harm you.  If you use Gmail or cloud storage and load apps on your phone then they know everything about you and your family.  When you see companies support a bad cause such as Nike and the NBA buy an alternate product.  Purchase from advertisers on conservative radio shows.  Use accurate language “murder of an unborn baby” and “devilcrat party” makes reality clear.

Finally and most important invite God of the Bible into your heart, marriage, family, and country.  It is right to pray before each meal and go to church every week, but at the least when something good happens say “Thanks God for…” and regularly exclaim “We Love you God” and He will deliver goodness and light which by their nature cause evil and darkness to retreat.  This is the only way to defeat the bad and your children won’t have to oil up hunting rifles and put on one million SPF suntan lotion for the war Democrats will surely bring.

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Daniel Lee is a U.S. Navy veteran and attorney who drafted best in the nation child custody and anti-abortion bills.  He has been published by the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Nashville Tennessean, Free Congress Foundation think tank, and Politicrossing.  He is a helicopter pilot and his family is one of the very few to visit all six Disneyland parks around the world.

*Map of Voting Patterns: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/upshot/2020-election-map.html 

*Map of Crime Rates: At Realtor.com look at an individual property’s “Neighborhood” section and click the Crime button, then expand and scroll to any part of the USA.

This article is the third in a series, the first two are available at Wisdomgoodlife.com.

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