During his show on Wednesday, our very own Stew Peters celebrated Glenn Youngkin’s victory over Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia by sitting down with former Donald Trump advisor Peter Navarro.

While the conversation started with the Virginia gubernatorial election, it ultimately turned to Dr. Anthony Fauci, who Peters said should be forced to “confess his crimes.”


Peters asked Navarro about his new book “In Trump Time: A Journal Of America’s Plague Year,” saying that he used it to expose Fauci’s “criminal activity.” Navarro claimed that it became clear last year that Fauci knew that he was “responsible for the virus and that it came from Wuhan.”

“Fauci knew the virus came from Wuhan, he knew that it popped up within yards of the Wuhan bioweapons lab,” Navarro continued. “He knew he had funded that bioweapons lab with the American taxpayer money, he knew that there were gain of function experiments going on with his funds that can turn a harmless bad virus into a human killer.”

Navarro went on to say that if Fauci “had received an email from a script scientist telling them flat out this thing was likely genetically engineered.” He also said that if Fauci had come clean to the Trump administration about what he knew about the virus origins from the beginning, “millions of people around the world would be alive because we would have done something entirely different from what we did.”

As for what should be done to Fauci now, Navarro said that we need to “fire him, take him right here, put him in a chair, strap him down, make him confess his crimes. And as soon as he does that, you take him over to a court of law, and you indict him for lying to Congress.”

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“Then let the civil suits begin and strip him of all the wealth he got from being a Frankenstein,” Navarro added. “Those civil suits will be cast by the loved ones who lost people because of Fauci’s irresponsible actions, with respect to using taxpayer money to fund just the most God awful, hubris, playing God kinds of experiments you could ever imagine.”

The left has tried to turn Fauci into some sort of superstar during this pandemic, ignoring all the red flags that have popped up about his actions along the way.

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Find out more about what Navarro thinks about Fauci, as well as various other topics like the Virginia election and the COVID-19 vaccines, by checking out his full interview with Peters here.