Donald Trump has been calling Big Media the ‘Fake News Media’ and the “Enemy of the People’ for quite some time.

Now he’s got a new name for them, and it’s very accurate.

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“They are corrupt. They are, and I say it, and I don’t want to say it much. But I say it, and I hope in the future I won’t have to. They are the enemy of the people. And we could have a country that would be able to heal and get together except the media of foments it. They’re so corrupt. And you know, I call it. I came up with the term fake news a long time ago. I don’t know if I’ll get credit for that. But that’s okay. The fake news, but it’s really the corrupt news. It’s corrupt what they do. And they’re so important. It could be, well, important. They used to have a high approval rating. Now they have the lowest I think they have a lower rating than Mitch McConnell, which is pretty good. I tell you what, they have it ready that now is people have gotten wise to it. They’ve just gotten wise to it.” – Donald Trump

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These Big Media companies are losing viewers left and right because the people are now hip to their con…

“CNN should be renamed Corrupt News Network, or CNN should be renamed BNN for “Brandon News Network” either one works for Me.”

“I call it Clown News Network because they’re all a bunch of clowns.”

“I recently heard CNN has been bought out by a conservative group or person. So hopefully, all those corrupt Klowns will lose their jobs! FJB!!”

“Perhaps one of the most important contributions Trump made was exposing the media as liars. I didn’t believe him at first, and now it’s quite clear. Our media isn’t concerned with the truth. They lost that belief somewhere along the way.”

“Modern American media is a criminal enterprise.”

“It was more than a lie. It was a DELIBERATE lie, after lie, after lie. It was TREASONOUS… Multiple times. And all involved should be charged with treason.!!.”

“Trump exposed the communist swamp. Democrats Rinos media big Tech and dark, dirty money is funding their agenda. It’s now up to the people what future America you want to live in. Trump is fighting for you, but in the end, it will be the people who must define the future of this country.”

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