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There’s a piece that was published the other day on the website Revolver News. That’s the same outlet that has been exposing so many of the FBI shenanigans with the January 6 incident. The piece is titled “Are you ready to be an American kulak?” As the piece explains, the kulaks were a social class in Russia around the time of the Communist revolution. They were peasants, but they were the better-off peasants: They owned land, ran small businesses, grew enough food to sell on the market, and so forth. Under Stalin, the soviet regime labeled them class enemies and exterminated them.

Well, as the piece explains, America has its own kulak class today. It’s ordinary middle-class Americans. It’s white people, Christians, men, straight people. It’s small business owners. You know how it is. This country is at war with normal people, but most specifically it’s at war with people who look the most like a typical American from 1950. It’s at war with the people who represent this country’s glorious past, because their very existence shows how rotten things have become.

To quote the article: “America’s kulaks are blamed for every problem, vilified for every success, and deserving of every punishment. Their destruction has become a fundamental goal of American political life.”

And that’s what we see today. We have CRT in our schools, telling white children to hate themselves for their skin color. We have affirmative action from the federal government and our major corporations, elevating and punishing people based on their race or sex. We have the federal government using lockdowns and government-backed riots to obliterate small businesses.

This isn’t a fad. It’s not a passing spell. This is the state ideology of the left in America right now.

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Michael Cost is a former intelligence analyst with the U.S. Army. He served in Iraq. He says that he hoped to be able to raise his son in peace, but instead he’s forced to watch the Constitution be trampled into dust and his son’s future destroyed by Marxist tyrants.

Michael says that America is in the middle of a color revolution taking place all around us, and it’s a revolution that is bad news for everyone to the right of Chairman Mao. Michael spent years analyzing military intelligence abroad, and now he’s applying his skills at home. He says the signs are bad, very bad, and he feels it’s his obligation to at least warn everybody.

Michael Cost joined the show to discuss.

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