WASHINGTON, DC – The United States Marshals issued a statement on Tuesday regarding their surprise inspection visit to the Washington, DC jail to check on conditions at the facility. The buildings subject to inspection included two DC Department Of Correction housing facilities (the Central Treatment Facility (CTF) and the Central Detention Facility (CDF)).


“The USMS inspection was prompted by recent and historical concerns raised regarding conditions at the DOC facilities, including those recently raised by various members of the judiciary,” the statement said. Over 300 voluntary interviews with detainees were conducted, they said.

The Marshals found that conditions at the CTF were sufficient. However, CDF was found to be severely lacking.

“The U.S. Marshal’s inspection of CDF revealed that conditions there do not meet the minimum standards of confinement as prescribed by the Federal Performance-Based-Detention-Standards,” the statement said.

This included mistreatment of prisoners and “egregious” conditions in the facility.


All 400 people housed at CDF were removed under the Marshal’s authority from the facility and transferred to USP Lewisburg in Pennsylvania.

Reportedly, the DC jail ordered the Marshals to leave the facilities during their multiple-day inspection held from October 18-23.

Acting U.S. marshal, Lamont J. Ruffin said, “For the first time in history, they were ordered to leave the jail…It is beyond belief, some of the reports of the marshal here to the court.”

According to a report by the Washington Post, “In parts of the jail, water ‘had been shut off for days’ as punishment, creating an ‘overpowering’ stench from ‘standing human sewage’ in the toilets of many cells, Ruffin wrote. ‘Hot meals’ were ‘served cold and congealed’; some inmates had ‘observable injuries’ for which no documentation was available; and ‘evidence of drug use was pervasive,’ including the ‘widespread’ odor of marijuana.


“Staff members were ‘observed antagonizing detainees,’ telling them not to cooperate with the inspection, Ruffin said, while jail supervisors ‘appeared unaware or uninterested in any of these issues.’”

Red Voice Media reported last month that the rights of a January 6 arrestee were found to have been violated in the DC facility by District Judge Royce Lamberth for refusing to get the prisoner medical care.

“It is more than just inept and bureaucratic shuffling of papers,” the judge said at the time. “I find that the civil rights of the defendant have been abridged. I don’t know if this is because he is a January 6 defendant or not.”

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