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If you’ve followed Covid vaccine side effects at all, you’ve heard about the VAERS reporting system used by the CDC. That’s the system whose data indicates these vaccines have had by far more deaths and side effects linked to them than any prior vaccine in history, and that’s despite the fact that countless doctors, nurses, and hospitals are refusing to report side effects for ideological reasons.

But even now new discoveries are being made with the VAERS data. A new analysis from the Daily Exposé finds that of all the deaths reported from Covid-19 vaccinations, 100% of them come from just five percent of vaccine batches, and even in that group, a handful of vaccine batches have far more deaths and adverse reactions than the rest. If that’s true, then shoddy quality control for vaccines caused tainted batches to go out that killed thousands of people unnecessarily.

Dr. Jane Ruby joined the show to discuss.

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