During an interview at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum this week, the billionaire Bill Gates hinted that there might be a surprise COVID-19 variant as he touted Merck and Pfizer. Tellingly, he used the word “we” when he talked about these companies.

“The other thing that’s pretty impressive is that Merck, and now Pfizer, have oral anti-viral. That the Merck drug, we’ve been able to reformulate, to get it to be less than $8,” Gates said. “And so we’ll be able to have anyone whose age or medical condition makes them have significant risk, immediately begin what’s called presumptive treatment as soon as they test positive.”

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“So between natural immunity, vaccine immunity and these oral treatments that can scale up in a way that the antibodies never did, the death rate and the servers disease rates ought to be coming down pretty dramatically, and by next summer, getting to be quite a bit lower than the average seasonal flu level is, assuming there’s no surprise variants, which right now the evidence is that’s not that likely, but it can never be ruled out,” he added.


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Earlier this month, Gates demanded a global research effort worth tens of billions of dollars to ensure that the world is prepared for the next pandemic.

“There’s naturally caused epidemics and bioterrorism-caused epidemics that could even be way worse than what we experienced today,” Gates said, according to The Guardian. “And yet the advances in medical science should give us tools that, you know, we could do dramatically better. So you’d think this would be a priority. The next year will be where those allocations have to get made, including this global pandemic task force.”

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Gates went on to say that the work he feels is needed to prepare for the next pandemic includes making vaccines cheap, having big factories to manufacture them, and “eradicating” influenza and the common cold. He claimed vaccines could be “just a little patch you put on your arm” and would be “incredibly beneficial” even outside a pandemic.

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“Along with the climate message and the ongoing fight against diseases of the poor, pandemic preparedness is something I’ll be talking about a lot,” Gates continued. “And I think it’ll find fertile ground because, you know, we lost trillions of dollars and millions of lives. And citizens expect their governments not to let that happen again.”

And this is the billionaire that uses the word “we” when talking about Big Pharma. Interesting!