HOUSTON, TX – A recently released home security video captured in Houston depicts four individuals going door-to-door at an apartment complex, identifying themselves as Houston Health Department workers, and asking residents if they’ve received their COVID jab.

The four individuals can be seen adorning masks and holding clipboards while approaching several doors at the apartment complex, which one resident’s doorbell camera caught a conversation that was held by one of the Houston Health Department workers and someone how answered the door.

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“I’m a [inaudible] with the Health Department, how you doing today?… We’re just going around the community to inform you that you can get the vaccine for the coronavirus. Have you been vaccinated?”

The resident responded that he had received his jab, with the Houston Health Department worker following up with, “May I ask, which one did you get?” After the resident says he believes he’d gotten the Pfizer one, the worker then inquires how many people inside of the home have gotten their shot – which the resident says both he and his wife, which he says she too received hers.

Still, after the Houston Health Department worker was informed of such, he asked the resident if he wants him to “leave the information at your door,” which the resident said was just fine. Thereafter, the workers appear to be sharing these results amongst themselves before moving on to the next set of doors.

Awfully strange to be creating door-to-door vaccination lists. It can make one wonder why one would want to have such precise location-related data regarding what has become quite a contentious topic in the country.

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